Tips? A miniature potbelly pig can be a great pet for you, but make sure you can care for one adequately. Of course not except when first born. Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs (also called Asian or Chinese pot-bellied pigs) were first domesticated as pets in Southeast Asia and became popular in the U.S. in the 1990s. We are very confident and proud of our breeding program. They absolutely love them from Tractor supply. They are both sweet and love other animals. Our family is considering bringing home a piglet around Christmas. ", Most dogs will become your BFF in a matter of minutes, but bonding with a pig can takes months. Pet potbellied pigs are indeed generally smaller than the standard farm pig. If mom and dad are larger than what you could realistically care for, their piglet probably isn’t the right one for you. color: #000000; "Being the pack leader with a pig is important," Tamara says. The problem is I’ve had a miniature pig as a house pet and it wasn’t all adorable moments. w.FlodeskObject = n; .article { “If Oscar thinks he’s going to be fed, he’d jump off the side of a bridge," Tamara says. Most importantly, your "mini" pig won't stay mini forever. "So they might head butt, nip, or bite if they think you’re lower on the totem pole. :root { border-color: #8dbf42; Shelters will only adopt out pigs that are healthy and well-socialized, so you’re less likely to have to deal with huge vet bills or behavior issues. This is our hobby, but we are dedicated to sharing our passion and love for indoor pet pigs. The problem with this, is these pigs are not farm pigs. As part of Ross Mill Farm’s non-profit work; the farm provides foster care, a safe haven, for pet pigs waiting to be adopted through PPN. var fn = function() { loadCSS rel=preload polyfill. If you truly do want to make a go of keeping your pig in your house be mindful they are heavy and will grow until they are three years old. Just in case. 3 Major Reasons You Don’t Want a Miniature Pig as a House Pet, Don’t Forget to read or pin for later our super popular post- 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Life with a Mini Pig, How to Get Pig Pee Out of Carpet & Why They Are Peeing All Over, How to Hold a Baby Mini Pig Without Squealing, Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip & Meal Menu …, Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip & Meal Menu 2/3, Easy Way to Save 50¢ on Your Next Gas Fill, About Us |  Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Pigs and dogs usually get along fine, but every situation is different. color: #8dbf42; But if it doesn’t, unlike a breeder, they’ll normally take the pig back," Hoyle says. You will need to play with your pig to assure it stays in shape. Learn about mini pig vaccinations on American mini Pig Association. When Oscar starts to get hungry, he’ll stand by his food bowl and oink loudly until he gets his meal. For tips on how to transition your pet pig outdoors read this. Do they fit in a teacup? "He also started doing this thing where he’d get sleepy and squeal for an hour while walking around the house," says Tamara. } Myself and many other pig owners go crazy over how many “micro pigs” are being sold for thousands of dollars. A potbelly pig will need proper food and shelter. (That's Oscar in all of these pictures!) That’s an amazing feeling," Tamara says. } Here at Texas Tiny Pigs our goal is to be one of the BEST Miniature Pig Breeders not only in Texas but around the world. Mini pigs can live for more than 20 years. But when your pig finally does come around? --mv-create-radius: 0; Christabeth spent years studying pet nutrition, testing recipes and tracking the response from their pigs. They also don’t stay small like a piglet. "It’s so important for them to be good and have them not root around on rugs," she says. Miniature potbellied pigs are clean, intelligent and social pets. Or Teacup pig. As you own the teacup pig you will notice how their appetite always needs to be satisfied. Plus, since the pigs tend to be older, they’re more likely to have reached their full (or nearly full) size. We have two dogs (a 75 pound pitador and a 47 pound Black Mouth Cur). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (That sounds huge, but compared to full-size farm pigs, which hover around 600 pounds, they are mini.) .sidebar { We live in Montana so it will have to be indoors at first! Forget life in a tiny apartment. “If you hold up a piece of food, he’ll run to you.”. They are not teacups or anything like that. We are now providing new services that will better prepare our mini pigs … When you adopt from our local shelter they will not let you bring home one pig. w[n] = w[n] || fn; There are many breeds of miniature (or mini) pigs, including the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. "He can’t think about anything but that food. var links=w.document.getElementsByTagName("link");for(var i=0;i