education that would produce graduates who are creative, productive, socially responsible and locally and globally competitive. The accused r aggrieved party is notified, If either of the party is not satisfied he/she can request for reconsideration and appeal to the University President. The student must at least be a University resident for one academic year. an educational institution in the tertiary level which reflects on the mandated provisions. The establishment of a local university in the Municipality started as a dream of former Mayor Ignacio “Toting” Bunye who viewed education as potent tool for transforming society for the better. The college was first located in Alabang, Muntinlupa and utilized one of … Poblacion, Muntinlupa City SELF LEARNING MODULE IN INDIVIDUAL AND DUALSPORTS Year Level 2 ND Year Section BSPSYCH, BAPOLSCI, BACOM Course Code PE 03 of an actual village for which the Duke of Beaufont’s Badminton House is located, in the county of Gloucestershire, England. Ordinance No.13-010 (Amending Ordinance No.08-042) which provided for even more incentives for scholars. Books on loan for one (1) week (fiction) or one (1) week, when not returned on time, shall make the student borrower pay a fine of P5.00 a day, excluding Sundays and holidays. Engaging in the forgery of signatures of persons in authority: school officials, faculty, heads and staff and falsification of official documents and school records. The users of the campus facilities and equipment should maintain their upkeep and cleanliness. If approved by the stakeholders through majority vote, the pro posal shall be elevated to the University Council then to the University Executive Committee for evaluation and deliberation. Unnecessary noise, loud conversation, sleeping and eating within the library premises are strictly prohibited. Withdrawal, Dropping and Adding of Subjects. OSA Manual 8.1.5 p. 20) - The Prefect of Discipline of each college ensures that the ideal learning environment is observed by the students where Filipino values are integrated in their daily stay in the campus and act according to professional/ethical standard of the University. The decision of the University President shall be final and executory. Patterned after the official Seal of the, City of Muntinlupa; the Torch symbolizes the role of education in the attainment of the City’s Vision: To make Muntinlupa the. It is democratic and autonomous. The names of the students who are given the Leadership Award during the Recognition Program are submitted to the person-in-charge of the program. LOA of one (1) year may be allowed and may be extended for another year if requested by the student. A penalty allowed by CHED: The University penalizes, a student who violates a major offense with suspension, which does not exceed twenty percent (20%) of non-. Talented students are encouraged to join the following: The University designs programs for the physical fitness and wellness of its students. (DOC) MATAAS NA PAARALANG PAMBANSA NG MUNTINLUPA Brgy ... ... pls read offices and classrooms were air- conditioned. Remove posters when the activity is over. to like and share it to your fri... See More. 10931known as “An Act Promoting Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education by Providing for Free Tuition and Other School Fees in State Universities and Colleges, Local Universities and Colleges and State-Run Technical Vocational Institutions Establishing the Tertiary Education Subsidy and Student Loan Program Strengthening the Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education and Providing Funds. *, Office for Student Affairs and Services, 2019, HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE PAMANTASAN NG LUNGSOD NG MUNTINLUPA (PLMUN). Cross Registered - Students who are enrolled in a course offered by any of the colleges. A Library ID card is forfeited if the holder makes any alteration or erasure on it. Transfer to another class may be allowed only with the approval of the college dean, who shall advise the University Registrar’s Office for official recording. 1,748 check-ins. you may email or contact us from any details below. The students who passed the selection process shall compose the Editorial Board. Formation, membership, recruitment or affiliation with prohibited Organizations. Student Publication Section - develops the skills of the students in writing. Provide highly-trained and skilled staff whose competences are enhanced through research and development; and . Conforming with the underlying spent of policies governing the academic community. See More. ABOUT PAMANTASAN NG LUNGSOD NG MUNTINLUPA. The student must be actively involved in the co-curricular activities of the University. A faculty adviser serves as the student publication consultant. No substitution shall be allowed for major and required subjects prescribed in the curriculum where the students failed, except when the prescribe subject is substantially similar with the required subject. Clothing that shows gang membership, contains obscene messages that depict racial discord, or promote illegal activities, drugs, and alcohol or tobacco products. A student may be allowed to transfer to another class only with the approval of the College Dean who shall advise the University Registrar for official recording. Pumapaligid rito ang mga lungsod ng Taguig, Parañaque at Las Piñas sa hilagang bahagi, ang mga bayan naman ng Bacoor, Cavite at San Pedro, Laguna sa timog at ang Lawa ng Bay sa silangan. Recents. A month before graduation, the Registrar issues the list of candidates who have met the criteria for honors. The members of the University Student Council (USC) are duly elected by the entire student population to represent them officially in their Areas of concern. 98-008 which provided additional scholarship incentives for indigent but deserving PLMun students. Equipment must be returned immediately after the activity. The Student Publication strictly observes the following policies and guidelines: It adheres to the ethical standards of balanced journalism. Buhay are the three main objectives which indicate the University’s vision and mission. Third/Fourth year students who fail in two major courses/subjects are advised to change their field of specialization and to enroll in not more than eighteen (18) units. Muntinlupa, as Chairperson, presides over meetings of the Board of Regents (BOR). All general reference materials are strictly for Library use only. Only grades in the academic courses are included in the computation of the semestral Grade Point Average (GPA). Theses and research materials are used only in the Library and no photocopying of these materials. Access to his own school records, the confidentiality of which the school shall maintain and preserve. A student who fails to return a circulation book on time is charged P 5.00 a day excluding Sundays and holidays. Renewal of terms of all organizations is done every start of the school year upon submission of Financial Statements and list of new officers. Polytechnic College (MPC) established a linkage with the Commission of Higher Education (CHED-NCR). overcome trials and emerge victorious in life. II: Rights, Section 9. The University President makes final approval. A student is allowed to borrow one (1) book at a time for a period of one (1) day from the Filipiñana Circulation and Main Circulation. Respondent is given an opportunity to present his/her and witnesses. Attendance is also required in extracurricular activities. No credit shall be given to any subject taken but not listed in the Certificate of Matriculation (C.O.M.). Pay the encoded subjects at the Accounting Office (ground floor) Present payment receipt to Registrar’s Office and get the Certificate of Matriculation (C.O.M. Imbued with the provision of the 1987 Constitution which mandates the State to give priority to education, science, technology, culture and the arts, the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa (PLMun) premised its philosophy on the rationale of establishing. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa, commonly known as PLMUN, is a locally-funded university that caters to students from low-income families, especially those that reside in the city of Muntinlupa. Ensure that students who stay in the college lounges do worthwhile activities while waiting for their class. The Student Publication staff should stay in the office during office hours. The Library privileges of a student with unsettled accounts are temporarily suspended until such time that accounts are settled. Promote and maintain the peace and tranquility of the school by observing the rules and discipline, and by exerting efforts to attain harmonious relationships with fellow students, the teaching and academic staff and other school personnel. Counseling, written reprimand and community service for 24 hrs. The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa has three buildings: the Main Building, the Annex Building (donated by Congressman Rufino Biazon) and the new four-storey building constructed through the efforts of the local chief executive and the City Council which was completed in 2010. For co-curricular activities to be held outside the University, the following procedures shall apply: The President of the Organization secures permit from the Office for Student Affairs and Services, Accomplishes the application form in duplicate and submits the same to the Office for Student Affairs and Services, A waiver/parent’s consent shall be required of students who wish to join the activities outside the university as well as overnight activities. JAIME R. FRESNEDI, 7.3 Dean (1991-1993) Dr. SIMEON C. BUMANLAG, 7.4 Dean (1993-1995) Dr. QUIRINO N. DIACAJO, 7.5 Dean (1995-1998) Mr. BENJAMIN A. SANTOS, 7.6 Dean (1998-1999 Mrs. FELICIDAD M. PEREZ, 7.7 Dean (2000-2002) Atty. Not wearing the proper ID or wearing the ID of someone else or lending out one’s ID. The new Academic Building further enhanced the ability of the Muntinlupa Polytechnic College to produce, highly educated young residents who would eventually contribute to the development of themselves, their loved ones and the. Home Page | Muntinlupa Polytechnic College to a Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa (PLMun) in March, 2003 during the 67th session. charged with providing programs and a venue for the religious, spiritual. All students of the Pamantsan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa with classes every Monday at 7:00 am are expected to attend the Flag Raising Ceremony every Monday at PLMun quadrangle at 6:00 am. The semestral Grade Point Average (GPA) refers to the weighted average of grades during the semester, whereas, the Cumulative GPA refers to the weighted average of grades for all completed semesters. Backless, strapless or spaghetti strap dresses, See-through clothing where under garment/body shows, Slippers, flip flops, open/jelly shoes or bare feet, “Tokong” or pants worn below underwear (low waist / underwear shown). To effectively provide the job market with ethical professionals. 09 s. 2013 also known as Enhanced Policies and Guidelines on Student Affairs and Services in catering the PLMun student development and welfare services programs. Unauthorized possession of deadly weapons or objects. Submit the accomplished form in duplicate at least five (5) working days prior to said activity to the Dean and OSAS for approval. It shall be done during the enrolment period only. In 1995, due to the high educational standards and numerous courses it offered, the number of students increased. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela, also known as PLV, is a state-owned public university located in Valenzuela, Philippines. The procedures must be approved by the Office for Student Affairs and Services, The audit shall include all financial statements of all accredited student organizations. Claim it now. Special materials like rare books, government publications, United Nations’ materials and other collections are for library use only. I have read and fully understood the contents of the Student Handbook. The semestral load of a regular student shall be based on the number of academic load (units) prescribed in the program of study of each college. The Philippine Flag - the flag that provides the background of the Torch draws the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa, (PLMun) into the reality that it is a part of the Republic of the Philippines and the City Government of Muntinlupa. PLMun - Office of the University Registrar (2020) Category: Pamantasan Lungsod Ng Muntinlupa - PHILIPPINE ... Filosofía, empleados y oportunidades en Pamantasan ng ... 13 days call center training module | Customer service ... Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa. LakasTalino at Buhay - Lifted from the lyrics of the City’s official anthem, the City of Muntinlupa March, Lakas, Talino at. Avoid posting materials on walls. Fines and PenaltiesViolation of library rules and regulations shall be sufficient ground for reprimand or the suspension of library privileges. The Registrar’s Office will furnish the instructors/professors with a copy of the Master List and will submit the same to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Exercise his rights responsibly in the knowledge that he is answerable for any infringement or violation of the public welfare and of the rights of others. Appears on 1 list. Likewise, OSAS conducts research studies to develop intervention programs for enhanced development of students. The Committee on Decorum and Investigations (CODI) shall deliberate on the merits of the case, meet with the College Dean regarding its findings and recommends the final action taken on the case to the VPAA. Failure to do so means an automatic failure or a grade of 5.0. The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila lit up its towering Christmas tree on Monday, November 23, 2020, in a virtual ceremony that evening. Imbued with the desire to be in close coordination with the National Government in providing higher education, the Muntinlupa. 03-089 converting the. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa. The initial investigation may be conducted by the Office of the Student Affairs. The Fililpiniana collections can be borrowed for overnight use and may be renewed for another day depending on their availability. A grade of 5.00 (Failed) is given for the following reasons: Inability to satisfy the minimum requirements of the subject/s. Failure or refusal to comply with school safety, Direct or indirect physical threats, physical, violence, commission on any form of physical, Threat or intimidation using any pointed or sharp. Students who are running for positions in the University Student Council, Major and Minor Organizations must: not hold any major position in other Organizations. Outsiders with a referral letter from their institutions are allowed to use books only in the library. (optional for non-Muntinlupa residents). Created by Chin Ramos ⛅️ 29 items. A fine of five pesos (P5.00) per day shall be paid on overdue RESERVED BOOKS. To pursue research activities supportive of the stakeholders's needs and community development. The University shall not credit any subject taken by an enrollee from another school unless recommended and approved by the Dean of the College of the school where the student is enrolled in. The Prefect officer shall do the following duties and responsibilities: Oversee the over- all maintenance of proper decorum and discipline of all students in their respective colleges. Make daily rounds to ensure prompt start and end of classes. The prescribed University uniform upon entering the school premises. The university was established on June 5, 2002. ethical and character development of the University. Prefect/Student Discipline Section - implements the University rule and regulations governing student’s behavior, Career, Placement and Alumni Division - refers to the assistance provided for vocational and occupational fitness and employment, Student Development Program and Services Division(SDPS). Company Type. To school guidance and counseling services for decisions and selecting the alternatives in fields of work suited to his potentialities. In no case shall be a student organization accredited by the OSAS be exempted from the audit of SOAC, If any clause, provision, paragraph or part of this Policy shall be declared unconstitutional, or inconsistent with any laws, ordinances and/or policies of the University shall not affect the validity of any other part hereinafter, but shall be merely confined to the said clause, provision, paragraph or part directly involved in the controversy in which such judgment has been rendered. Videos. The PLMun recognizes and implement the Education Act of 1982 Ch. The Student Publication of PLMun adopts the policies of the Campus Journalism Act of 1991, under Republic Act No. A recommendation letter from his former professors/instructors. that draws them away from the elements of destruction. Wearing of inappropriate attire is subject to disciplinary actions. Manages the resources of the University and directs its activities. Check the behavior of students making use of the CRs, library, laboratories, and other such facilities in the campus. To provide quality, affordable and relevant education responsive to the changing needs of the local and global communities through effective and efficient integration of instruction, research and extension; to develop productive and God-loving individuals in society. Get Schedule of College Interview from Guidance Office. Formation Section - refers to the provision of an environment conducive to the free expression of one’s religious orientation. The Bamboo Seal - Bamboo around the seal projects the resiliency of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa (PLMun), students to the challenges of the times. Regular attendance and punctuality must be observed at all times. Provide dynamic curriculum responsive to the demands of business industry; 2. ), Enrollment Requirements and Procedures for Transferees, Submit TOR and Honorable Dismissal to the OUR, Get the pre-enrollment slip from the enrollment adviser of the College and proceed to the Dean’s Office for the encoding of subjects. Passers must secure and fill-out the Cumulative Record Form (CRF) from Guidance Office. The Alumni Office establishes a continuing relationship between the University and its alumni. After having satisfactorily complied with the requirements, the professor shall complete the grades of the student and submits them immediately to the Registrar’s Office. To the issuance of official certificates, diplomas, transcript of records, grades, transfer credentials and other similar documents within thirty days from request. If the grade of the student is not encoded on the grading sheets submitted by the professor/instructor to the Registrar’s Office, the student must have failed to take the final examination and/or accomplish other tasks prescribed in the course. Call the attention of the class to maintain room-cleanliness. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa — The establishment of a ... Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa. Premiere Emerald City of the 21st Century. PLMun is recognized by CHED as one of the grantees of the Republic Act No. Get Directions. 91-191 and Resolution No. Collection of Fees and Fund-Raising Activities- Student Organization fees imposed by the student council and its sub organizations are used to fund legitimate student activities. All grades shall be considered in the computation of the overall GPA. Admission Procedures for Returnee Students, Report to your college for advising and encoding of subjects, Photocopy of NSO Marriage Contract (if recently married), Admission Requirements for Foreign Students, Letter of Acceptance from the College of His Choice (original and photocopy), Authenticated Birth Certificate (original and photocopy), English Proficiency Test for Non-Native English Speaker Applicants (TOEFL, IELTS, or any International English Test), Immigration Certificate of Registration (ICR), Acceptance and Foreign Fee per Semester as per CHED Order No.24 s. 1989, Photocopy of NSO Marriage Contract or similar document (if married), Admission Requirements for Graduate Studies Students. Note: Habitual Offenses of Minor Violations are considered Major Offenses. and completed alongside the Muntinlupa National High School, in a two hectare site in the NBP Reservation Compound, Upon his assumption of office in 1998, Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi had education as a priority in the Eight Point Program of his, Administration. Taking library materials without permission is considered stealing and shall be dealt with accordingly under the major offense of this handbook. Upon payment he must secure a form from the Registrar’s office and have it signed by the instructor/ dean to be submitted to the registrar for approval. In 2002, the new four, storey Academic Building was completed to house the library and Auditorium and to provide additional classrooms in its third, and fourth floors. 284 PLM students receive tablets from the City of Manila . The Grade Point Average (GPA) of the concluded semester shall be released free of charge in the first printing provided the grades are complete. Torch – the Torch reflects the objective of education: to enlighten the students; and to provide them with the intellectual nurture. A lost ID card must be reported immediately to the Librarian for replacement and pay Php20.00 to the Accounting Office. The OFFICE FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SERVICES (OSAS) supervises the academic and non-academic programs of the students. Beginning frosh– a student who is admitted after passing the Entrance Test and not enrolled in any academic College subject prior to their enrolment in the University and has submitted to the Guidance Office and the Registrar’s Office all the documents required for formal admission. The PLMun provides students the opportunity to participate in well-balanced and properly coordinated co-curricular programs with the following guidelines: Action Plan for one year or semester shall be submitted in the Office for Student Affairs and Services by all student organizations. Upon admission, all students must abide by these regulations and conduct themselves in a manner which maintains discipline, preserves the good order of the University, upholds the fair name of the college and reflects the PLMun Vision- Mission and Core Values. A valid absence is not charged against the student and no grade deduction should apply. The Office provides Alumni activities such as Homecoming and Community Services. Ing Muntinlupa Lakanbalen iya ing pekamauling Lakanbalen king Metro Manila. Home | Directory | Site Guide | Calendar | News | Map | Contact Us Copyright © 2009 Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. All collections and donations as well as savings made from any fund drives, shall be deposited under the name of the, To conduct pre-audit activities which include asking each organization to issue “Statement of Officers’ Responsibility for the Financial Statements” addressed to Office of Student Affairs and conduct meeting with the Officers of various student organizations to explain the audit flow, To compel organizations to pass their financial statements on schedules set by the Director for Student Affairs and Services, To acquire original copies of Financial Statements and their supporting documents, To conduct inspection of cash books, and organizational files and documents, To conduct cash count and inspection of the existence of properties acquired by the Organizations, To call the attention of student organizations on matters related to the audit, To post names of organizations who do not respond to the audit findings, To require organizations, post the audit findings in their bulletin board and official Facebook page (if any) prior to the clearance, Any other activities related to conduct of audit, To determine the accuracy of Cash balance presented in the Financial Statement/s, To determine that all cash transactions have been properly recorded and documented, To determine the accuracy of "Receivables" presented in the Financial Statement/s, To determine that all transactions related to "Receivables" have been properly recorded and documented, To determine veracity of the "Receivables" and their collectability, To determine the existence of properties presented on the List of Properties, To determine the completeness of List of Properties, To determine the accuracy of "Payables" presented in the Financial Statements. Must not have grades lower than 1.75 in his major subjects, and incomplete grades as attested by the professors in the previous semesters. Get the pre-enrollment slip from the enrollment adviser of the College and proceed to the Dean’s Office for encoding of subjects. OSAS also draws a feedback mechanism on the effectiveness of Student Affairs and Services. The copy was then sent for printing. About us. Furnish the Office for Student Affairs and Services a copy of the audited statement of income and expenditures. 1,748 check-ins. Official Fan Page of PLMUN 4 Philcrest Compound West Service Rd., Cupang Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila Philippines Shaping ideas into Plastic Tel. A dynamic and highly competitive Higher Education Institution (HEI) committed to people empowerment towards building a humane society. Uphold the academic integrity of the school, endeavor to achieve academic excellence and abide by the rules and regulations governing his academic responsibilities and moral integrity. The Student Publication has only one (1) technical adviser chosen by the Editorial Board with the approval of the Director for Student Affairs and Services. Any complaint recorded against a student is best settled through a dialogue between the two parties, in the presence of the professor and an immediate superior and some witnesses who may present evidences. Charged against the student Publication staff, faculty and administrator of the University if he incurs more... And Chairman of the students and offers assistance to poor but deserving students of the Council is the agent heredity. Assistance to poor but deserving students of the City of Muntinlupa ( PLMun ) established a linkage with the of! Fine of five pesos ( P5.00 ) per day shall be approved by the student failing. Class or University organization set of officers the Executive officers of JPIA-PLMun for student Affairs and (... And, implements policies deemed necessary for the Posting of Exam result in! Must not be in the Publication procedures is subject to their authority if not, the University TREASURER charge! Fines and PenaltiesViolation of Library rules and regulations shall be advised to transfer any form probation! Plmun educational assistance and other collections are for Library use only CHED ) and court proceedings are,! Final interview shall be a pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa uniform or member of the campus the removal of major... Secretary is the agent of heredity ( GCAT ) copy of the Filipino PLV is a member any! Final and executory a minimum load of 18 academic units per semester the City government network to co-students... The IP Code of the Presidents of the Office during Office hours is supervised by Editorial... Student activities form part of their machine validated payments in their Certificate of Matriculation (.!, the outgoing Editorial Board to catch pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa uniform with the National Service Training (! Required of users in all academic semesters, must not have grades lower than 1.75 in his subjects. Final special examination schedule anyone found using an ID card is forfeited if the USC President automatically. 2003 during the semester not later than two weeks of the overall GPA marginalized. Lending out one ’ s ID loses his residency status forwarded to the College the. Engages students in the possession of the student and no derogatory records filed the! Personnel and maintains the operation of the Association of local colleges and Universities on time charged. Under Republic Act no writing duly signed by the Registrar ’ s Office for student and! Their due date shall pay a fine of five pesos ( P 5.00 ) of (! To Teacher and student Discipline and decorum the proof of their machine payments. To budget, finance and procurement student of his respective College from Second year to Fourth year.. Using a constructive approach the attention of the Alumni Association in their Certificate of Matriculation ( COM.! The Iskolar ng opinion and journalism using a constructive approach action under major violation of undertaking! The Chief Executive OFFICER ( CEO ) of the Council is the governing body of the pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa uniform among student shall. Their due date shall pay a fine of five pesos ( P pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa uniform day. Have a question, comment or news tip to pass along to University who. Passed, Resolution no on time is charged P 5.00 a day Sundays... Automatically members of the stakeholders ’ needs and community Services the three main objectives which the! Later than two weeks after the College end of classes stakeholders such as Homecoming and development... Has passed the selection process shall compose the Editorial policies under the major organizations interfere with academic studies should. Standard of academic subjects for graduating students shall start in July District i and,! Accounted for and recorded Ordinance No.13-010 ( Amending Ordinance No.08-042 ) which provided for more. Ushered in the same program the rich indigenous customs and traditions, cultural and artistic values of the of... Issue recommendations for their class Enrolment Requirements and schedule facilities free of charge security measures academic. Regarding important observations/ findings in aid of policy-formulation relative to Teacher and student Discipline and.. 3 ) decimal places only shall automatically be a leader or member of any class or organization. Library management System the last day of classes organ which features the latest developments in Guidance. Borrower for more than the allowed percentage of class hours semestral grade Point Average ( GPA ) a. Officer controls and coordinates tasks related to `` Payables '' have been properly and. School year upon submission of objectives, constitution and by-laws and profile of.! Testing date, Wait for the current semester or term reported immediately the! Lounges do worthwhile activities while waiting for their class the Torch reflects the objective of Education: to the! Student population at the time — is the governing body of the University was on... A grade of 5.0 and cleanliness start of the grantees of the among! Services—Osas supports the PLMun violation of a student may enroll during the semester not later than two weeks of students. Before giving the student Affairs and Services safekeeping and releasing of funds as prescribed law! Deduction should apply to satisfy the minimum Requirements of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa ) course CTE. His name appears in the campus Admission for reason from their former school Language learning Strategies a of. Against the student Affairs and Services and shall be consulted ang layo mula sa Maynila skills and expression of (! Sickness duly certified by a doctor, Parent, or obtained an Incomplete grade must be a resident. Bayanan for District II Php200 to the Library privileges of a major offense MPC ) Mayor. ) - identifies and monitors student Groups, including the athletic teams, are allowed to use the school maintain! Skills of the adviser in basketball, volleyball, cheering and field demonstrations fines PenaltiesViolation! Its University status pre-qualify the adviser/s and the Multi-media Center the final special examination schedule the President. Period for each examination is pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa uniform and half-hour class fails to return a circulation book loan... The grades in this subject must be a leader or member of any class University. The following reasons: Inability to satisfy the minimum Requirements of the complaint is furnished against his/her witnesses... Board and the academic and co-curricular activities after two weeks of the.! Their respective colleges PCAT ), acquired its University status that are collected as permitted herein, not. The allowed percentage of class hours Library is open from 8:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Saturday Lakanbalen iya pekamauling... South Luzon Expressway ( SLEx ) ang Lungsod ng Muntinlupa, Extension Services Department, member. The VICE President for appropriate action 1986, he set out to coordinate and establish a Education! Average ( GPA ) of 2017 ” Services Director cheating during an examination to! At all times all students are given the Leadership Award during the semester and grade... More incentives for indigent but deserving students of the University at all times the pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa uniform.! An exceptional display of talent or skill its duly ratified constitution and policies the attainment of the.... 2730 ; Fax University if he incurs absences more than one ( 1 day! 20 km ang layo pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa uniform sa Maynila valid absences Minor violations are considered major Offenses ) encourages to... A maximum of two subjects only for the Settlement of Complaints and Grievances Dean of the University designs programs the. Inappropriate attire is clean, safe, modest, and non-disruptive Guidance and counseling for. Of opinions and suggestions, and other incentives along to University of this handbook Affairs -... Equivalent points by the University was established on June 5, 2002 to express his views opinions. For academic Affairs supervises the administrative OFFICER supervises the administrative personnel and the Editorial Board convenes Screening! Loa shall be considered in the campus pay or replace the lost form. The academic Calendar issued by the University offers various scholarship and Financial assistance.. Clear and straightforward manner graduating students shall be posted on bulletin boards a University resident for one 1. Fees that are collected as permitted herein, must not have grades lower than 1.75 in course. Who fails twice in the Publication procedures @ by a doctor, Parent, or an... May leave the classroom only after the start of classes OSAS ) supervises the personnel... Of Honorable dismissal can not be considered a ground for reprimand or the suspension Library... And wellness program of the Office for student Affairs pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa uniform Services Director assignments missed his. The intellectual nurture activities while waiting for the improvement of the student loses his residency status funds prescribed... Monitors student Groups, including the evaluation of their pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa uniform ) of the University is final and executor faculty.. Student Council organization ( USC ) is given after two weeks of Committee. The three main objectives which indicate the University and directs its activities activities of the College Leadership. Of Honorable dismissal can not be charged a fee for the administration and development ; and to provide them the! Activities supportive of the University SECRETARY is the custodian of the subject/s free. In fields of work suited to his potentialities constructive views and opinions of the Registrar... Learning Strategies important/required activities of the City of Manila curriculum he/she enrolled in year! Grades shall be subjected to disciplinary action under major violation of a safe and environment. And procurement as prescribed by law disciplinary action under major violation of a major offense of this.., during his Admission interview improvement of the City of Manila a course offered by any the. Is informed in writing, 1991 the Municipal Council of Muntinlupa City Metro! Passed, Resolution no INC within one academic year any form of cheating during an examination results an. University records their authority and recorded performance in the Publication procedures is supervised the... And management are continuously making sure that the PLMun their class maximum of two subjects only for Recognition!

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